Threat Intelligence

Security delivers intelligence, integration and expertise to safeguard against security threats.

Exceptions Are the Norm

Understanding normative behavior to prevent intrusion.

Today's organizations are highly dependent on information management and processes. Usually when you think about enterprise data security, the first thing you picture is an outside intruder.

However, it is widely accepted that employees are the weakest link in IS security due to the leveling for employees' security related awareness and behavior.

A significant number of organizational security breaches come from the inside, and can be costly than external intrusions. More often than not these are simple mistakes such as sending a sensitive email to the wrong person. When it isn't, like the deliberate copying of IP and content, it can be so much more serious.

The results can be catastrophic, losing your products, information or even your business. The good news is almost all of these incidents of insider incidents are entirely preventable.

Typically, these threats come in the form of;

  • Insider Malice;
  • Poor Password Practices;
  • Weak Access Policies;
  • Unsafe Downloads;
  • Phishing & Social Engineering; and
  • Unprotected Data and Email.

FirstAlign - Security Infrastructure Infographic

The difficulty is knowing the difference between innocent naivety and blatant duplicity. FirstAlign utilizes Artificial Intelligence, combined with employee awareness behavioral and theories to critically understand the current maturation level of IS Security Systems and potential gaps regarding behavioral factors that are critical to the success of an organization's security awareness.

FirstAlign Security delivers intelligence, integration, and expertise to safeguard and protect against security threats.

Our Areas of Focus

FirstAlign Strategic Assessment

Systems & Risk Assessment

FirstAlign External & Internal Intrusion

External & Internal Intrusion

FirstAlign Normative/ Exception Processing

Normative & Exception Processing

FirstAlign Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How We Do It

Our technology advisory services will help transform your business through the management and implementation of new apps, platforms, architecture and tech. We’ll partner with you to determine the right combination of technologies for your business—from the tech that exists today to the emerging tech of tomorrow.

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Policies & Process Audit
  • Compliance Practices
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Risk Assessment & Monitoring
  • AI Machine Learning Probability Modelling
  • AI Process Automation (APM)
  • AI Signaling & Triggers

Why FirstAlign

Transcendence in Design

Modern and purposeful applications that enhance conceptual thinking not just knowledge.

Building a Better World

We want to build perceptive technology to enhance human power and performance.

Protection & Security

Achieving a safer planet. Allowing data and infrastructure to be protected with confidence.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI is the technology of the future. Its applications for business are boundless, from understanding data to better understanding behavior.

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