AI Centers of Excellence (CoE)

Formulate and revitalize process and standards.

Setting the Standard

Empowering the Lines of Business that are most familiar with the challenges.

Enterprises can use the practice in formulating a CoE to revitalize standards across the organization. It boosts a service model that;

  • Strategically defines roadmaps, standards & governance;
  • Targets cost savings; focused on cross-domain rationalization;
  • Establishes a Target Operating Model (TOM) with SOPs;
  • Creates architectural artefacts; and
  • Builds current and target State document libraries.

Sequencing roadmaps are used to outline key initiatives and create project plans in getting to target state.

FirstAlign - Center of Excellence Key Aspects Infographic

Our Areas of Focus

FirstAlign Strategic Excellence

Strategic Excellence

FirstAlign Standards & Procedures

Standards & Procedures

FirstAlign Target Operating Models

Target Operating Models

FirstAlign Automated Business Processes (AI)

Automated Business Processes (AI)

How We Do It

We facilitate bringing together a corporate group to act as a leadership team for the business. Whether this is departmental or cross business, the team would address a particular area of focus for the organization. Areas we focus on include:

  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Strategic Change & Oversight
  • Structural Design
  • Standardization
  • Business Alignment of LOBs
  • Direct Management
  • Mentoring & Guidance
  • Research
  • Training
  • Support

Why FirstAlign

We Enjoy the Simple Things

We excel in driving down complexity. Our devotion is simplifying business to its core.

Energy in Achievement

Movement is a constant state. We have a passion for driving business towards the un-imagined.

Unifying Standards Is Direction

We believe in the power of people, processes and technologies to achieve the impossible.

Artificial Intelligence

Creating real-time Operations-as-a-Service models to enable human potential to thrive in a conceptual state.

Latest Thinking

Financial Effectiveness - Volitility & Market Shifts

Volatility & Market Shifts

Financial success is dependent on market direction. Finance offices navigate a variety of risks and disruption through innovation and AI tools.

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Business Innovation - New Innovation Agility

Innovation with Agility

Maximizing efficiencies through innovation practice is a function of the intelligence and ingenuity of people.

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Risk Assurance - Reject the Status Quo

Reject the Status Quo

Enrich core corporate compliance, for a new direction. AI driven analysis and change, Advanced Risk Management as real prevention not just cure.

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Artificial Intelligence - Maximizing Human Potential

Maximizing Human Potential

Artificial Intelligence maximizes business outcomes, through machine learning optimization, deep learning innovation and probability modeling.

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