Human Capital

Leverage research, analytics, industry AI insights and workflow to drive talent, leadership and change programs.

Using Your Best Asset, People

Getting more from what you do with the people you have.

Staffing, recruitment and workforce performance are among the most critical issues facing organizations today, especially in expanding industries. Finding talent is a difficult and demanding proposition.

However, these situations can be opportunities to maintain momentum, to spur continued growth, and to reach for the potential on the horizon.

FirstAlign believes in maximizing human potential by allowing staff to spend more time on conceptual thinking, building better tomorrow, and less time on repeat able process oriented knowledge work. We support an organization’s business strategy through human capital-related areas such as building, developing and maintaining critical workforce.

Our core focus is business transformation, change and technology. We help companies with mission critical staffing both directly or indirectly by offering flexible onshore and offshore options. We also develop workforce Centers of Excellence focusing on human development and performance to tackle critical business problems.

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Our Areas of Focus

FirstAlign Workforce


FirstAlign Tactical Projects

Tactical Projects

FirstAlign Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

FirstAlign Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How We Do It

Our human capital services will help business through the management implementation of momentum and growth. We will partner with you to determine the right combination of resources for your business.

  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Key Position Staffing
  • Workflow Management
  • Program & Project Management
  • Consulting & Compliance
  • AI Research, Analytics, Insights
  • AI Process Automation (APM)
  • AI Signals & Triggers

Why FirstAlign

We Enjoy the Simple Things

We excel in driving down complexity. Our devotion is simplifying business to its core.

Energy in Achievement

Movement is a constant state. We have a passion for driving business towards the un-imagined.

Unifying Standards Is Direction

We believe in the power of people, processes and technologies to achieve the impossible.

Artificial Intelligence

Creating real-time Operations-as-a-Service models to enable human potential to thrive in a conceptual state.

Latest Thinking

Strategy Consulting & Advising - Designing the Future

Designing the Future

Combine rigorous discovery, analysis, and deep insight to solve complex questions using Artificial Intelligence.

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New Innovation

Rationalize Your Assets

Getting deeper value from APM. This maximizes organization efficiencies, while AI can help innovate and operate a successful APM practice.

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Customer Experience - Brand Strategy

Moving Brand Strategy

AI Solutions that develop new insights and triggers for proactive customer management and brand understanding.

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Artificial Intelligence - Maximizing Human Potential

Maximizing Human Potential

Artificial Intelligence maximizes business outcomes, through machine learning optimization, deep learning innovation and probability modeling.

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