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Manufacturer Distributor of the Future

Innovation requires a bold concept that is truly disruptive.

Historically, organizations have had geographic identities, product specialties, and an emphasis on certain paths to the market. There continues to be increasingly complex with ample opportunities to serve many different customers for both the manufacturer and distributor.

FirstAlign takes on the ubiquitous role of a business transformation and information technology partner in providing relevant information in a timely and effective manner; allowing for real-time information across departments in a timely manner to help facilitate effective decision-making.

With continuous quality improvement, FirstAlign facilitates the acceleration of innovation in supply-chain management, additive manufacturing, allowing for the potential to change how future products are designed, sold, and delivered to customers.

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Demand is increasing demand, particularly from manufacturers, for more automation and less labor intensity. Distribution is mining operational data, discovering key market constraints and drivers...

There continues to be challenges achieving market growth with innovative pricing being a precondition of advanced analytics and high demand. Robotics have been in the manufacturing industry since the 1950s. Now there is a greater importance applied to maximizing equipment value, increasing equipment uptime and reducing margins of error with margins being thinner and the costs of mistakes getting greater.

Customers are demanding more variety particularly for the distribution industry. The result of this increases means managing more SKUs, which in turn raises the potential for inefficiency and waste.

Areas of Focus

Providing guidance in human-robot collaboration and simplification of business automation. The risk of not investing in these new channels are greater today. Effective utilization of resources is extremely important and taking advantage of these disruptive technologies will help alleviate the strain on operations.

FirstAlign advices in business decisions and our solutions consists of:

Centers of Excellence

Customer Information & Expectations

Distribution Strategies

Manufacturing & Assembly

Business Models

Optimize Shipping & Transportation

Production Distribution & Planning

Supply Chain Business Modeling


Cash Management


Facility Management

Plant Management

Research & Development

Quality Assurance

Warehouse & Inventory

Workforce Management

Why FirstAlign

We Enjoy the Simple Things

We excel in driving down complexity. Our devotion is simplifying business to its core.

Energy in Achievement

Movement is a constant state. We have a passion for driving business towards the un-imagined.

Unifying Standards Is Direction

We believe in the power of people, processes and technologies to achieve the impossible.

Artificial Intelligence

Creating real-time Operations-as-a-Service models to enable human potential to thrive in a conceptual state.

Featured Solutions

Business Transformation

Operations Management

Ops-as-a-Service. Understand

Target Operating Models

with current and target state

outlooks for strategic roadmaps.

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Business Innovation

Business Innovation

Leading organization evolution.

Becoming world class through

better products, processes, social

impact and business results.

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