Business Innovation

Maximizing an organization's efficiencies. Helping organizations operate and innovate.

Business Innovation Practice

Maximizing organizational efficiencies.

Business innovation is an organization’s process for introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services and products. A stream of ideas is the foundation of an ‘Innovation Machine’.

Modern corporations need to embrace real innovation as part of their day-to-day business, through actionable innovation modes where people share ideas and actively participate in the generation of ideas, improvements and business opportunities.

Areas to address should include:

  • Removing barriers to change;
  • Empowering motivation;
  • Instilling a method;
  • Engagement with technology;
  • Create the opportunity & environment continuous ideation; and
  • Following lean and agile principles.
FirstAlign - Innovation: Not an End State, Its an Infinate Loop Infographic

Our Areas of Focus

FirstAlign Strategic & Organizational Evolution

Strategic & Organizational Evolution

FirstAlign Product/ Service & Process

Product, Service & Process

FirstAlign Marketing & Supply Chain

Marketing & Supply Chain

FirstAlign Artificial  & Technology

Artificial Intelligence & Technology

How We Do It

Our tactical and advisory services will help transform your business through the management and implementation aligned Target State Architecture and implementation programs. We partner with you to determine the right practice and process for your business; from the state of today to the emerging state of tomorrow.

  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Strategic Change & Oversight
  • All Layer - Top Down Method
  • Formal Case & Ownership
  • Communications & Cultural Impacts
  • Tactical Implementation (PPM & PM)
  • Center of Excellence
  • AI Process Automation
  • Mentoring & Guidance
  • Training & Support

Why FirstAlign

We Embrace Change

We embrace change as a constant while continuously thinking of new and innovative future states.

Removing Uncertainty

We understand that clarity brings stability. We want to break down models to create business certainty.

Excellence Is Who We Are

Excellence in everything we touch, everything we do. It's in our fabric to improve long term innovation options and build sustainable value.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI can optimize change and potential. Human adaptability integrated into thinking platforms, drive business outcomes.

Latest Thinking

Strategy Consulting & Advising - Designing the Future

Designing the Future

A strategy of time, empowering organizations where to play and how to win through strategy, experimentation and experience.

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Customer Experience - Moving Brand Strategy

Moving Brand Strategy

AI Solutions that develop new insights and triggers for proactive customer management and brand understanding.

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Center of Excellence - Conceptual vs Knowledge

Conceptual vs Knowledge

Allowing humans to innovate rather than repeat revitalizes standards, further enabling business process automation through AI.

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Artificial Intelligence - Maximizing Human Potential

Maximizing Human- Potential

AI maximizes outcomes through AML, deep learning and probability modeling.

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