Embrace Artificial Intelligence, Centers of Excellence and Digital Transformation.

Telecoms of the Future

The great migration, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Satellite Networks, Cable and Wireless coming together.

All using technologies for various purposes such as point-to-point communication, entertainment, delivery and access to the internet for critical communication, news and entertainment.

High-speed internet is a major factor in driving growth across the world.

FirstAlign helps open the doors to new opportunities and bring together the ecological environment. We work with Telecoms and mobile telecommunication providers at all levels (MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs) to accelerate their digital transformation so they can expand, innovate and optimize their investments.

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Traffic explosion, eruption of connected devices, and billions of new connected data sources.

Fastest growing markets of specialized services are, VoIP, Big Data and Cloud. Being connected continues to become cheaper. Mobility is outpacing fixed lines with astronomical growth in data volumes. Revenue for voice services has saturated or even gradually declined. Machine communications are overcoming human communications with core network and connectivity infrastructure upgrades being a major priority.

Areas of Focus

Telecommunications convergence and regulations continue to place pressures on Telecom organizations. Predictive maintenance, speech and voice services, alongside personalization and automatic discovery is where FirstAlign excels, unlocking new revenue opportunities and/ or cost savings. We help customers troubleshoot, automate, and strategically roadmap their future. Our solutions consist of the following:

Centers of Excellence

Fleet Efficiency

Investment Strategies

Optimal Network Uptime

Power Efficiency


Risk Excellence

Simplification Program

Strategy Planning



Billing & Finance

Customer Services

Enterprise Technology


Landline & Mobile

Marketing & Sales

Multimedia & Entertainment

Purchase & Logistics

Retail Management

Technical Operations

Why FirstAlign

We Believe in Excellence

Providing leadership, best practices, research, support and training with a focus on technology, business concepts and skills.

We Trust in a Better Business

We do not accept the status-quo. Our conviction is that Business as Usual is an evolving state. Constant improvement produces sustainable performance and growth.

We Empower Transformation

We want to make Business better, change is in our DNA. We strive for better and longer-term innovation options while building sustainable value.

We Have Faith in Human Potential

We feel innovation is the bedrock to human potential. We believe Artificial Intelligence can improve human ingenuity.

Featured Solutions

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Unifying standards & methods to

generate performance, improve

productivity, reduce cost & waste.

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Business Transformation

Operations Management

Ops-as-a-Service. Understand

Target Operating Models

with current and target state

outlooks for strategic roadmaps.

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