Artificial Intelligence, frictionless shopping, and omni-channels are the new normal.

Retail of the Future

The state of the economy is a major driver – people spend more when disposable incomes are higher and confidence is up.

You, me, and all our friends are seasonal. Nearly 20% of the retail industry sales in the US happen over the winter holiday season with margins being extremely variable.

FirstAlign solutions help to understand consumer product selection and signals anticipate transactions by evaluating potential opportunities and risks.

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Retail spending continues to appear robust; business model disruption is part of the new normal.

The increasing strength of online sales is a major driver in the retail industry. The impact of the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence make competition tough. Retailers are unifying their online and offline data in order to shy from deep inventories while brick-and-mortar stores adopt in-store mobile devices.

Areas of Focus

Omni-channel retailing introduces many complexities. Understanding the channels and which ones to leverage can be tricky. Having a complete-view of target customers, their behavior online and offline assists in engaging with them at every step of the buying cycle.

Social activity will only grow as part of the omni-channel mix and FirstAlign’s solutions help in this uncertainty. FirstAlign provides a broad spectrum of solutions that include:

Centers of Excellence

Buying Behaviors

Customer Engagement

Data Management


Omnichannel Retailing

Sourcing & Distribution Strategy


Customer Service

IT Infrastructure

Inventory Management


Order Management

Product Development


Store Operations

Why FirstAlign

We Embrace Change

We embrace change as a constant while continuously thinking of new and innovative future states.

Removing Uncertainty

We understand that clarity brings stability. We want to break down models to create business certainty.

Excellence Is Who We Are

Excellence in everything we touch, everything we do. It's in our fabric to improve long term innovation options and build sustainable value.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI can optimize change and potential. Human adaptability integrated into thinking platforms, drive business outcomes.

Featured Solutions

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

How making fundamental changes

to business is conducted in order to

help cope with shifts in market

conditions and environment.

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Customer Journey and Experience

Customer Experience

Clarified customer journeys and

defined experience, managing hype

through data demographics and AI

Signaling for real-time brand trends.

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