Profitable growth, Risk Management, and protection from financial loss.

Insure the Future

Improved underwriting creates efficiencies for consumers, agents and insurers.

There tends to be a lot of priority for insurance organizations to focus on profitable growth.

An effective way to enable this growth is through the use of innovation, automation technologies, and business transformation.

FirstAlign supports insurance organizations by approaching internal processes, collaborating and encouraging internal team members to improve target operating models and the leverage data sources for core business processes.

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The complexity of underwriting along with liability for future policy benefits puts strain on insurers...

Disruptive technologies and external market forces, alongside regulatory and compliance requirements, challenge insurance companies. There is a need to be future thinking with respect to constantly monitoring the landscape and adjusting insurance premiums frequently to keep pace. This would include local trends, customer attitudes and behavior.

Areas of Focus

From payment assessment to automating regulatory compliance and predictive product modeling, FirstAlign offers a number of solutions to help insurance providers across a wide variety of business activities.

During underwriting, AI analytics can provide guidance to underwriters to improve risk assessment quality and optimize pricing. We enable the identification of customers most receptive to cross-selling or those most likely to default. Solutions can proactively reduce fraud by detecting hidden patterns and potential issues earlier.

A broader list of solutions supported are:

Centers of Excellence

Customer Engagement

Product & Price Comparison

Performance & Risk Modeling

Claims Settlement

Operating Models

Individual Insurer Databases

Carrier Operations

Agents & Field Marketers

Health, Auto & Life Insurance

Reinsurance, Home, Fire & Property

Claims Operations

Policy Admin & Underwriting

Actuarial & Claims Analysis

Why FirstAlign

We Embrace Change

We embrace change as a constant while continuously thinking of new and innovative future states.

Removing Uncertainty

We understand that clarity brings stability. We want to break down models to create business certainty.

Excellence Is Who We Are

Excellence in everything we touch, everything we do. It's in our fabric to improve long term innovation options and build sustainable value.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe AI can optimize change and potential. Human adaptability integrated into thinking platforms, drive business outcomes.

Featured Solutions

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Unifying standards & methods to

generate performance, improve

productivity, reduce cost & waste.

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation

How making fundamental changes

to business is conducted in order to

help cope with shifts in market

conditions and environment.

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