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Artificial Intelligence for Brand Management!

A FirstAlign White Paper - Understanding the Business Application of AI.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Brand Management!

    An exploration of the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Management of Brand, Brand Identity and Customer Perception.

    Aug, 2017


    A brand is a product, service or concept that is publically distinguished so that it can be easily communicated, marketed and positioned. Artificial Intelligence or “AI” offers an unprecedented ability to improve brand recognition, experience, perception and bottom line.

    There is a clear need for intelligent systems to take decisions through strategic intelligence. AI focuses on the development of valuable automated solutions that require less human intervention. We look into brand management through AI-powered customer experiences and advertisements.

    As markets become more competitive, branding strategy is vital in gaining and maintaining customer loyalty. AI powered customer experiences and programs significantly aid in this process and hence is an important aspect of Marketing...

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